# i18n

In version 1.9.3, I18N internationalization support has been added. At present, it mainly implements Chinese and English versions. If new language support is required later, you can give me [issue] (https://github.com/xiaoymin/Swagger-Bootstrap-UI/issues/new) or modify the i18n.jsfile in the project and submit PR to me.

swagger-bootstrap-ui Determine the default language version of the current browser by reading the navigator object of the browser

//Current language
    var lang =(navigator.language || navigator.browserLanguage);
        if (lang.indexOf("en")>0){

If you want to use the default language version of the non-current browser, you can switch in the settings function.

swagger-bootstrap-ui default zh

Or use personalized quick settings, address bar quick settings access:

lang values:中文(zh)、English(en)

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