# Features

  • Display the document in markdown format, display the request address, type, request parameters, examples, and response parameters of the document in layers. The interface document is clear at a glance, which is convenient for developers to dock.
  • In addition to the automatic parsing of parameters, the online debug bar is color-coded for required fields, and supports tab key for fast input up and down switching. Customize the Content-Type request header type during debugging.
  • Personalized configuration items, support for interface address, interface description attribute, UI enhancement and other personalized configuration functions
  • Interface sorting, support for sorting of groups and interfaces
  • Support markdown document offline document export, or view offline documents online
  • Debugging information global cache, still exists after page refresh, easy for developers to debug
  • Showcase Swagger Models with a more user-friendly treetable component
  • The response content can be viewed in full screen. For a large number of response content, full screen view is convenient for debugging and copying.
  • Documents can display multiple interface documents in multiple tab mode
  • Request parameter column request type, whether it must be filled with color
  • The number of different types of rough statistics interface in the home page
  • Support interface online search function
  • Left and right menus and content pages are free to drag width
  • Support for custom global parameter functions, the home page includes two types of header and query
  • i18n internationalization support, currently supported: Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, English
  • JSR-303 annotations annotation support
  • More personalized settings
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