# Static Swagger JSON

Preview based on static Swagger JSON file is simple. First, you need an HTTP web service.

Two options:

  • Nginx
  • IIS

Whether it's based on nginx or IIS, you first need to generate a static swagger JSON file structure locally.

swagger-bootstrap-ui A simple example is provided here.

Modify group.json'in the project JSON directory

    "name": "swagger",
    "url": "/json/swagger.json",
    "swaggerVersion": "2.0",
    "location": "/json/swagger.json"
    "name": "swagger1",
    "url": "/json/swagger1.json",
    "swaggerVersion": "2.0",
    "location": "/json/swagger1.json"

We predefined two static swagger JSON files in the static group.json file and stored them in the JSON folder at the same time.

The content of swagger.json is the content of the response in the swagger interface v2/api-docs.

  "swagger": "2.0",
  "info": {
    "description": "<div style='font-size:14px;color:red;'>swagger-bootstrap-ui-demo RESTful APIs</div>",
    "version": "1.0",
    "title": "swagger-bootstrap-ui is great~~~!!!",
    "termsOfService": "http://www.group.com/",
    "contact": {
      "name": "group@qq.com"
  "host": "",
  "basePath": "/"

When we have completed the above steps, we can browse our interface documents through nginx or IIS deployment static files.

# nginx

In the nginx-based way, you only need to copy all the static files of swagger-bootstrap-ui-front to the response directory, and then configure the server node in the conf configuration file of nginx.

like :

server {
        listen       18001;
        #charset koi8-r;

        location / {
            # ui location;
            root /mnt/application/swagger-bootstrap-ui-front;



In Windows, we can deploy our static site using IIS to quickly preview Swagger documents.

Specific path:

Control Panel - > Management Tool - > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager - > Add Website - > Select Static Directory - > Browse

If there is no IIS manager, you need to install the service by yourself first. As for how to install IIS and search for solutions by yourself, I will not elaborate here.

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